11th September 2015

A 2005 vintage… champagne anyone?

I have always been fond of all things sparkling, be it champagne, prosecco, english sparkling wine or cava; they are all delicious. However choosing the right one is another matter.

Earlier this week I went for a drink with a friend, and we found ourselves indulging in a bottle of Lanson, vintage 2005. Now Lanson isn't a champagne that I would usually go for, however this bottle was delicious; with notes of candied fruits, acacia and grape jam alongside aromas of winter pear and quince. I was very impressed with the bottle and it made me realise what a difference a ...

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4th September 2015

How to go from a good event, to an amazing event

I read this article recently from Holly and thought it was absolutely on the mark. With customer demands becoming increasingly more sophisticated and their desire to push the boundaries, the modern day event planner has to be somewhat of a super hero. Our team at Inn Or Out Events have planned some amazing events this year and are looking forward to planning even more at the finest venues in and around London.

How to go from good to an amazing event – Holly Barker Event Magazine – August 15th

Your skills and ability to work collaboratively with a team to operate as a ...

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27th August 2015

A food journey with chef Torren Lewis

In any event, the food is an important factor (as much as the guests) to keep any occasion well remembered. How dishes are presented, the colours, tastes, play on flavours and fragrance all speaks volumes and can keep folk talking about it for a long time to come.


Following a recent event, I was talking to our young sous chef Torren Lewis and discovered that fine dining ran in his blood, his granddad was head chef at the Waldorf hotel just after the war. By looking at what Torren cooked earlier, proved he certainly knows how to produce some show-stopping food. ...

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20th August 2015

The magical honour of receiving an MBE

Having known only a few who have received honours, I didn’t really consider the logistics of the event; so for the uninitiated, here is a glimpse of my day.

Firstly there were the frequently asked questions:

Did I know I if had been nominated?

No not at all; I wouldn’t have thought of it in my wildest dreams; so a massive thank you to the person who believed I deserved it, and putting in the effort to write it.

Did I buy a new dress?

Sadly not, as I couldn’t find the time and dedication needed for that adventure, however my two sisters did.

Did I know ...

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14th August 2015

Our top tips for organising a fabulous Christmas party

With the Summer’s end fast approaching (sob) our attention is turning to Christmas. (Did you realise you only have 19 weekends left to squeeze in your shopping?!)

Our Event Managers are furiously getting pans in place for our clients and I have decided to share some of our top tips for organising a fabulous Christmas party with you.


Party Design

Every successful party needs to have a look or certain feel to it. Think carefully about whether you want to create a full on party theme, or whether you prefer to create a certain atmosphere for your guests.

Dramatic & impactful theming can ...

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7th August 2015

Events… Ludicrously Luxurious and Stupendously Special

Some may say that an event is all about the food, the drinks or the attendees, but I want to look at events from a slightly different perspective…


Yes, delicious food and fabulous drinks are crucial to a successful event; but to make the occasion truly spectacular I feel that structure, design and service underpin everything.

An event will never be successful without a good plan, but this isn’t just something written on the back of a napkin, events can take months of planning and it is important to think about every single detail, including the exact layout and any potential hazards. ...

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31st July 2015

For the love of nostalgic food…

I sometimes eat for pure nostalgia.  When I say ‘nostalgic foods’ what springs to mind for you?   ... I'm sure everyone has one or more.


I’ll never forget the first time I took a Yakult pro-biotic drink here in London. I would sip each little bottle slowly. Why? I was given one of these every other day when I was a toddler in Asia. They were our ‘sweet treat’.  So when they finally arrived here twenty-five years later, I would drink it to relive some fond memories of childhood.


Another home favourite - steamed chicken with wood ears, Shitake mushrooms and Chinese ...

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24th July 2015

The Nth Degree book launch, held at the stunning Rolls Royce Showroom

Well what a night we had this week for the Nth Degree book launch held at the stunning Rolls Royce showroom in Berkley Square. Bob Walton MBE treated us all to a night of networking around some beautiful cars and beautiful people. The Nth Degree’s fourth book was no let down; full of great restaurants and glamorous pictures of all the members and their guests having great fun visiting these restaurants throughout the year. The Nth Degree is an exclusive Private Dining Club based in London and Dubai with an exclusive membership network of 500 successful, influential and like-minded individuals. The ...

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17th July 2015

How to be relaxed at your own event…

Recently I was invited to a high profile event, which Inn or Out Events very successfully catered. As I was mingling amongst the guests, I pondered upon the fact that, although it was lovely to be invited, it can be tough for a caterer to be on the other side. Do you ever really feel relaxed? ...Most probably not. So how do you find the comfortable balance?

As a caterer or event planner, it is important to always have eyes in back of your head and you need to be alert at all times, this ensures that the event is successful and everyone ...

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9th July 2015

An evening at Henley Festival

This week myself and our managing director Sean were lucky enough entertain a small group of our clients at the prestigious Henley Festival, on the banks of the River Thames.

Basking in a beautiful evening sun, and dressed in our finest evening wear, Sean and I awaited guests arrival to the car park meeting point, armed with chilled champagne & nibbles and our group made its way into the festival site.

Once inside we leisurely wandered the festival site enjoying the myriad of performance artists, gallery spaces and sculptures on offer.

As the sun started to wane we made our way to the ...

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