26th February 2016

The Joy of Seasonal Cooking

My preference has always been to source and cook food seasonally, and one of the many joys of this ethic is the anticipation factor. Allowing your cooking to be guided by the seasons is immensely satisfying. At the restaurant, the guys in the kitchen anticipate the various seasons like children waiting for Christmas: the arrival of that British gem the English asparagus in early summer, Jersey Royals in spring, and so on.

The change of the seasons is a matter of some debate, what with the summer now coming later and autumn virtually never ending; you need to be prepared for ...

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11th February 2016

The Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day, often known as the Feast or the Celebration of Love, began as an honorary remembrance of a devout saint martyr named Valentinus. He was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry and also ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. The legend continued and as we know it today, Valentine’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated globally, as an excuse to pamper and cherish the ones we love.

I previously worked in restaurants and Valentine’s Day was regarded as special as Christmas (not just for the sheer busyness factor). A lot of work ...

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5th February 2016

Four Inspiring ways to celebrate Pancake Day

Pancake Day often known as Shrove Tuesday is the feast day before the start of Lent. It is the time when all the flour, fats and eggs in the house are used up before the fasting begins. This festival is celebrated around the world in different styles, with various symbolic meanings and traditions. One thing I found interesting was that the four ingredients used all had a symbolic meaning;

Eggs - Creation
Flour - The staff of life
Salt - Wholesomeness
Milk - Purity

Whilst most folk are used to the thin floury pancakes with lemon and sugar, there are many more exciting ways to ...

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28th January 2016

The Power of the Ancient Grain

One food trend which will continue to stand out this year is more pulses and legumes on our menus. In fact, the UN General Assembly declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP), not only for their health factor but also for the cultivation benefits of securing a sustainable food source. A pulse is often known as a ‘grain legume’ and learning more about this food type caused me to embark on a fascinating journey about the ancient grains.

I remember my introduction to grains was at the first BBC Eat Well show last year; I was blown away by the ...

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22nd January 2016

Ways to feed the world sustainably.

I recently attended the 28th Schrödinger Lecture from Sir Gordon Conway at Imperial College on ‘Can we feed the world sustainably?’

Sir Gordon Conway is Director of Agriculture for Impact and a Professor of International Development at Imperial College London.

This subject grabbed my attention, as bartlett mitchell (parent company to Inn or Out Events) is passionate about all things related to sustainability, ethical sourcing, reducing carbon footprint and environmental awareness. Also being in the food industry myself and a foodie, I am inquisitively interested, on a personal level, to learn more about a subject which ultimately affects us all.

The lecture started ...

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15th January 2016

A new year – A new me – Feeling good from the inside out.

Many food trends have been reported for 2016, these include eating at ‘eco’ friendly places, eating more pulses, using technology to improve our dining experience and so the list continues.

One trend which caught my attention is one of my favourite subjects - The ‘feel good’ factor from the ‘inside out’. The nutritional value of good food versus good looks and its ingredients, is being looked at more closely than ever before.  Diners feel a closer connection to foods which affects how they feel or look.

Well sourced food produce, fresh, seasonal and sustainable are all buzz words which describe food and ...

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8th January 2016

Where to get inspiration

Tapas tour discovering must be one of the best ways to be inspired for event food;  here we have a whole nation dedicated to the art of small eats with drinks, which after all must constitute a large part of the event catering offer.

What is ‘Tapas’ and where did it come from: According to the Royal Spanish Academy, tapas is: "A small portion of any food served to accompany a drink." While the exact true origin of tapas is uncertain, there are various legends throughout history (and on the web) although the exact truth is speculative, both King Alfonso XIII and King Fernando ...

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29th December 2015

A New Year-Fresh Ideas


Anyone in the industry knows the feelings of relief that comes at the end of December. We’ve really had an incredible few months here at Trinity and Upstairs at Trinity since the reopening, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Our annual New Years’ Eve celebration at Trinity this year is looking to be a full house. As I look forward to ringing in the New Year with our loyal customers, it hasn’t escaped me that with the New Year comes a whole new array of exciting plans to make, menus to write, people to see...

January can be somewhat of a neglected food ...

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17th December 2015

Craft beers are here to stay!

I don’t know about you but I love real ale, I have been drinking it as my chosen tipple for 30 years. As a young man I was viewed as rather old for my years when others around me were drinking lager of all types. Its funny how it has come full circle and the youngsters now view real ale as trendy and very much part of their generation.

Craft beer is exploding in the UK; in the past 12 months 170 craft breweries have opened, a total of 1,285 in the country, more than any other in the world, per ...

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10th December 2015

Event Manager’s guide to surviving Christmas

The run up to Christmas is a notoriously hectic time for any event professional. Early starts, late finishes and hours on their feet can often result in event managers reaching Christmas tired, sick and needing to hide under their duvet! At IoOE we know only too well the feeling of wondering how we will make it through another Christmas season still smiling.

With years of Christmas party planning under my belt I have drawn up my very own survival guide…use these top tips and I promise you will make it out alive ;-)

Being prepared is key. Make sure all your paper ...

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