What makes a great event?

454That incredible moment you decide to hold an event – often an uncharted world that sounds like so much fun – when in reality events are only truly a great success when they are organised to within an inch of their lives. I’ve cooked and held a few events over the years but it’s not my day job. In fact I’m just not capable of covering so many bases and delivering in equal measure so tend to leave it to the professionals like Inn Or Out.

There are folk out there that can organise and deliver the most incredible events and are able to take on your vision and over deliver on that expectation. It really is a unique skill set.

What I do know is that a great event is always best when it revolves around great food. People relax around food, they love sharing food and I would always consider a sharing main course for a sit down dinner for larger numbers.  The opposite of this is of course a plated neatly timed main course, which can be great, but they do tend to close down the conversation and lower the conviviality of the occasion.

Guest expectation has moved on and no longer does soup and salmon cut it at a function, folk are educated in food and have high expectations on the quality of their catering.

Thankfully event catering now offers such amazing quality food in this country and can source such incredible ingredients but my advice would be to keep your food choices simple, concentrate on a show stopping venue and, of course, invite the most amazing people you know. Ultimately it’s your guests that will make the event the success you want it to be.


Happy Cooking!

Adam Byatt