The signature three…

187Following a successful launch party at our Inn or Out headquarters, the “signature” cocktails that were designed especially for the occasion blew me away.

Served from our custom made Inn or Out cocktail bar, the cocktails were one of the highlights of the evening, as I’m sure most guests would agree.

The signature three were “Fig and Cassis Swizzle”, “Cucumber and Mint Sour” and “Pear and Cardamom Cooler”. All had their unique flavours and were decorative showstoppers.

Firstly, the Fig and Cassis were chosen for their autumnal feel. The warming blend of cognac and fig, gave a warmth boost should the evening have been cooler than expected. (Thankfully the evening was lovely and warm).

Courvoisier, Briotette Fig Liqueur, lemon and blackcurrant flavours with a slice of fig neatly perched on the side. This combination would be a superb Christmas cocktail.

Now, “Maison Briotett”, I was told by Josh, Bar Services Manager from “Off to work”, is a French family run business of exquisitely produced liqueurs.

Originally a wine establishment, Edward Briottet gradually stopped producing wine when their Dijon Crème de Cassis became increasingly popular, to the extent that to this present day, their range of liqueurs spans over sixty different flavours.

With a range such as rose, amber cocoa, caramel, hibiscus green tea or quince, who wouldn’t get excited over flavours like that?

I certainly know what I’m getting for my Christmas stocking this year.


179Next up was the Cucumber and Mint Sour. This was my favourite. The creamy foam with an ultra smooth minty green juice had an incredible taste. The perfect blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin (that explains it) mint, cucumber and lemons created an exquisite well-integrated sour.

The humble cucumber hardly features in most cocktails unless as a garnish or for colour, but in this, it really does shine and another ingredient I have put on my shopping list. This is sure to be a popular beverage ingredient for anytime in the year. The sour was served in a “coupette” style of glass, which was popular in the twenties (think of Great Gatsby) and sixties for Champagne, although not a popular glass today for Champagne as the fizz dissipates far to quickly for our fizz loving generation.

Josh kindly shared his recipe with me.


Cucumber and mint sour

37.5ml Bombay Sapphire Gin

12.5ml Martini Dry

25ml freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

20ml Cucumber Syrup

1 egg white

6-8 Fresh Mint leaves, sprig of mint to garnish



Put all ingredients in a mixing glass with egg white last, then dry shake (with out ice) first to emulsify the mix. Then fill the shaker with cubed ice and shake hard.

Finally fine strain into a coupette glass and garnish with a sprig of mint.


178The third of the signatures were the Pear and Cardamom Cooler. This was a stunner. I loved the pear fan on top of each glass, in fact, I did not see one ‘pear fan’ wane throughout the entire evening, they held their shape incredibly well.

I felt this was a very clever choice, as our parent company, bartlett mitchell, has a special connection with pears (hint- look at our company logos). This was the ‘cooler’ of the three drinks, served over a glass full of crushed ice, and again, the blend of Pear and Cognac, with spice of Cardamom bitters, gave a great contrast in taste and made it an easy all round beverage.


Until next time…


Yuki Solle – Sales and Lead Development