The Celebration of Love

hannah bouquetValentine’s Day, often known as the Feast or the Celebration of Love, began as an honorary remembrance of a devout saint martyr named Valentinus. He was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry and also ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. The legend continued and as we know it today, Valentine’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated globally, as an excuse to pamper and cherish the ones we love.

I previously worked in restaurants and Valentine’s Day was regarded as special as Christmas (not just for the sheer busyness factor). A lot of work was involved from designing menus, table planning to music and lighting. It was like a performance in a theatre, or a dance in a show. The sequence set the scene, from the flow of courses being served, to ensuring the wines were poured. Creating the right ambience and décor was imperative, right down to the flowers and chocolates. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to think of some different ways of celebrating Valentine’s with the ones we love.

Firstly, Valentine’s Day is a personal thing, my husband and I always insist on celebrating Valentine’s outside of the day itself, it has never appealed to us to sit in a restaurant packed with couples, when menus are often limited and service is rushed. We have done things differently each year, once even postponing it till Easter, with a nice get away. Surprise is also a key, there is nothing like a gift or a card that is given in total surprise. I remember receiving the biggest bunch of Casablanca Lilies, Peonies, Amaryllis and Eucalyptus by Paula Pryke, for my graduation. I was humbled and surprised, especially when I found out later they were sent by a bunch of good friends. That scent came with the wow factor. I was a fashion student, and everyone (including my head of faculty) thought they were the flowers for the end of the catwalk show. Nope, they were mine, totally unexpected, totally sent in love. I have loved learning about flowers ever since.

Why not, during the celebratory dinner, have some notelets and pens and write five things about each other that you appreciate most. It’s a sure way to cultivate ‘this thing called love’ and steer focus away from one’s faults, especially as we all have them!

How about sending an official postcard (or an old photo of you both) inviting your loved one to that special place, or to meet for a romantic movie or date. (My friend did this once whilst we were on a girl’s night out, she bought a postcard and stamp then sent it to her hubby in the post). What a wonderful way to show love!

And a little game.  Have little notes dotted around the house, with one word on it that is unique to you as a couple. When your partner picks one up (say, by the door coat rack) they have 30 seconds to talk about that one thing, or promise to do something. For example ‘Paris’, or ‘Holiday’ then take it in turns with different notes, a mini version of ‘Articulate’ if you will. The most important thing is to have fun. However, be warned … a lot of promises can be made here….which can only be a good thing of course!

Remember love isn’t just for the 14th Feb, it’s to cultivate the tradition of love in the year!lillian bouquet

Here’s cheers to Love!

Until next time….

Yuki Solle

Business Development Manager