The best tips for booking your ideal event venue

  • Location – this can be key if you have people traveling from all over. It needs to be easy to get to and then get home fromIMG_2508 afterwards. Unless it is absolutely obvious, I would always include a map and simple directions for every delegate.


  • Size – might sound simple but think about any spaces you might need outside of the main room. Do you need breakoutareas, rooms for VIPs to get away from it all, areas for performers to change in? Are they essential of just a desire?


  • Style – what is your event all about? What do you want the venue that you choose to say about what you are looking to portray to you guests? There are some architecturally amazing venues that would wow your guests, or are you looking to associate yourself with a contemporary space?


  • Layout – how do you need the space set up to get the best from the event that you can? You can always ask the venues ways that they have achieved what you are looking at in the past.


  • Refreshments – keeping your guests engaged and refuelled during a day event or perking them up at the beginning of an evening event when they might have been working all day, can be tricky, but with some imaginative and creative ideas it can provide a great talking point and focus for your guests


  • Catering – picking the right dishes and style of menu, service is so key to the success of an event, everyone always remembers the food! You might be driven by the logistics of the venues as to the most suitable food service, particularly with more historic venues, there will be menus and dishes that will work and others that won’t – just talk to the venue experts.


  • Audio visual equipment – it is important to know what you will need to get your point across at any event. Again the purpose and focus for the event will help drive the venue choice as the facilities and logistics will affect what you can achieve.


  • Entertainment – you need to make sure venues are happy with what you have planned but also whether the venue lends itself to what you are hoping to include. Sadly not every venue is going to be ideal for aerial acts, if, for example, this is what you had your heart set on.


  • Cost – without doubt this will come up at some stage of your planning and will impact your venue choice. Just shop around there are venues available for small and large budgets


  • People you work with – although the venue is incredibly important, so is the experience you will have, from booking to the end of the event so do make sure you are working with people that you trust and you know will help you.IMG_0863


Until next time …


Nicky Pratt

Head of Business Development