Salters’ Hall – An Historic Event

IMG_2698 And here it finally is! Almost 16 months after being awarded the honour of the exclusive caterer at the refurbished Salters’ Hall, this month saw the first internal dinner.  As in most building projects, the home stretch had not been without complications. However, despite last minute challenges both Salters’ and Inn or Out Events pulled out all the stops to ensure the Masters & Clerks Dinner was delivered with brilliance in the decadent surroundings of the Main Hall.

Bringing this together in normal circumstances would in itself be a challenge.  However the barriers our teams faced would have truly tested the sheer endeavour of our finest operators. Fortunately for us we have some of the best in the business, Inn or Out Events Executive Chef – Mark Andrews and Venues Manager – Zuzana Lipovcova simply took this in their stride!

Livery Halls are steeped in tradition and the internal events are almost ritualistic. You most certainly need to be an experienced event caterer to operate in these wonderful buildings. There are over 100 livery companies in London with 40 of them having Halls.

While they differ in size, structure and interests the liveries support trade, education, charity and fellowship. Working in the best interests of the communities in which they operate, the charitable dimension of their work now amounts to over £40m each year.

Inn or Out Events shares the ethos of our parent company (bartlett mitchell), in that partnership is one of our core requirements when looking at prospective clients. The allure of working with livery companies is obvious as is the reason you would want to hold an event in one.  This makes our job simple!

We look forward to working in partnership with Salters’ for many years to come, in holding great events with delicious food and allowing people to share these elegant historical surroundings.Image Today 09-49-51

Until next time..

Sean Ritson

Business Director