Our top tips for organising a fabulous Christmas party

With the Summer’s end fast approaching (sob) our attention is turning to Christmas. (Did you realise you only have 19 weekends left to squeeze in your shopping?!)

Our Event Managers are furiously getting pans in place for our clients and I have decided to share some of our top tips for organising a fabulous Christmas party with you.


  1. (191)Party Design

Every successful party needs to have a look or certain feel to it. Think carefully about whether you want to create a full on party theme, or whether you prefer to create a certain atmosphere for your guests.

Dramatic & impactful theming can transform a venue and transport your guests to another place for the evening. More subtle touches like soft lighting & scented candles can create a sense of welcoming warmth to a party at home.

Keep your colour palate in mind and try to stick to two or three complimentary colours. Rich jewel colours of gold, teal & deep ruby are perfect for bringing a touch of Christmas opulence.

Ensure that your chosen colours run a thread through the whole party…from the invites, to the table linen, the candles to the canapé trays. Maybe bring a little whimsy to the dinner placement and use snow globes or personalised embroidered mini stockings, these would also make wonderful parting gifts for a cocktail party.



  1. 153Fabulous Food

No party is complete without a menu to die for. Christmas is a time of indulgence so go all out and really treat your guests. There is nothing worse than leaving a party underfed, so keep the food coming for the duration of the event!

Here at IOOE we adore putting a spin on the classics and love turning the everyday into the luxury. If you are hosting a cocktail party consider alternating service between delectable canapés and beautifully presented tapas plates, or how about a seasonal tasting menu for dinner rather than the standard three courses. I adore nothing more than a late night Cheese & Biscuits Grazing Station to keep the midnight munches at bay!



  1. Killer CocktailsIMG_7304

It’s time to ban the mulled wine. Christmas cocktails should be colourful and rich in flavour. Try and get the taste of Christmas into what your guests are drinking. Think orange, clove, cinnamon & fir. Experiment with infused spirits such as Black Cherry Bourbon, and festive garnishes of star anise or cranberries. Soft options shouldn’t be forgotten about either, so keep the non-drinkers just as happy with homemade virgin Apple & Ginger Mojitos. Glassware is also key and nothing looks as enticing as a tray of beautifully cut crystal champagne saucers,  or an ostentatious gold rimmed hi ball for your soft drink.




  1. The Perfect PlaylistP1012196

As part of creating the perfect atmosphere you must pay attention to your party playlist. Let the music you choose bring the party alive. Carols may the obvious choice, but why not consider a selection sung by the old Rat Pack favourites for a reception, or how about traditional Christmas melodies played by a string quartet during a dinner. If you can’t stretch to a DJ or musical ensemble services such a Spotify & Playlister can do the hard work for you.


And most importantly of all be a fabulous host full of smiles and Christmas joy at all times, and your guests will be guaranteed a wonderful time.


Happy Christmas party planning readers!


Until next time…

Gemma Banks – Creative Director