How to be relaxed at your own event…

DSC05334Recently I was invited to a high profile event, which Inn or Out Events very successfully catered. As I was mingling amongst the guests, I pondered upon the fact that, although it was lovely to be invited, it can be tough for a caterer to be on the other side. Do you ever really feel relaxed? …Most probably not. So how do you find the comfortable balance?

As a caterer or event planner, it is important to always have eyes in back of your head and you need to be alert at all times, this ensures that the event is successful and everyone pulls together as a team. Whilst chatting to guests, it can be very difficult to get out of the habit of looking around room, wanting to go over and suddenly start directing the team or comment on how to do things in a better way.  Even worse, is when you begin to help out in the food service!

However, I highly recommend attending an event as a guest, because it gives you a fresh perspective, it sharpens your senses and makes you see it from the customers point of view. Stepping over that line to be the customer is worth the uncomfortable status. It means you get to chat with other customers to understand them better and really see how the small issues and delights can influence their perspective of the event. Maybe we should do it a bit more frequently and make it part of the brief with the client; then we really will walk in their shoes!



IMG_1640Finally as an epilogue on this particular event, a few days later I received a touching personal letter, from the top man himself, saying thank you for attending the event and how impeccably our team acted and how delicious the food was. There is no better compliment than positive feedback like that!


So after all, it was most definitely worth seeing the event from the other side.


Wendy Bartlett – Owner Director