Four Inspiring ways to celebrate Pancake Day

IMG_1518Pancake Day often known as Shrove Tuesday is the feast day before the start of Lent. It is the time when all the flour, fats and eggs in the house are used up before the fasting begins. This festival is celebrated around the world in different styles, with various symbolic meanings and traditions. One thing I found interesting was that the four ingredients used all had a symbolic meaning;

Eggs – Creation
Flour – The staff of life
Salt – Wholesomeness
Milk – Purity

Whilst most folk are used to the thin floury pancakes with lemon and sugar, there are many more exciting ways to serve Pancakes. Here are a few thoughts’ on next week’s ‘flip and tuck in’ celebration.


  • Experiment with different grain flours, seed or nut milks to create the pancake. I recently used rye flour to make a nuttier pancake, they were easy to prepare and fascinating to watch whilst they cook. The recipe consists of rye flour, eggs, coconut oil and a pinch of salt, I added some cinnamon because cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar so this created a healthy balance. I served mine with a local honey and fresh blueberries. They tasted nutty and fluffy and I will certainly be making these again.


  • Mix savoury flavours with sweet. A Kiwi friend once prepared an unusual one for me using a combination of salty and sweet ingredients. It was bacon, banana (wait for it) and Maple Syrup! It took a lot of convincing, I finally tried it and was pleasantly surprised. The combination in taste worked – salty, sweet, starch with protein, I would never have dreamed up such a topping. Other distinct memories of savoury pancakes were when I was a student in Paris, the crepes smelled amazing on cold nights from a food truck I would tuck into a spinach, mushroom, ham and melted gruyere cheese. Pure comfort street food. Another is what is known as a ‘Breton Galette’ a thicker buckwheat pancake filled with a savoury filling, mine would be a steak tartare, egg, cooked spinach with fresh tomatoes, a big favourite when on holiday in Biarritz.


  • Make a ‘Pancake Cake’. There are lots of recipes which use layers of pancakes sandwiched with cream, honey or jams. This is an exciting way of celebrating Pancake Day without too much effort, for example, why not impress your guests with a pancake cake if invited for dinner? Make pancakes as usual, layer with freshly whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate, Kirsch cherries, nuts and the list could go on? I’ll let you get creative on this one!


  • Quick, Fun and Easy. I get very impatient with food that takes too long to prepare so finding quick, easy recipes enables one to spend more time at the dinner table feasting than in the kitchen. One really good recipe not just for Pancake Day but also for a gluten free breakfast is: beat two eggs with one ripe banana, once the mixture resembles batter, then fry in raw coconut oil for a minute on each side. Not only are these pancakes light and fluffy, the fragrance of coconut really adds another dimension to this three ingredient pancake. The best part is four pancakes are done in five mins.


Whatever you decide to do next Tuesday, remember the world is your pancake!


Until next time ……


Yuki Solle


Business Development Manager