For the love of nostalgic food…

I sometimes eat for pure nostalgia.  When I say ‘nostalgic foods’ what springs to mind for you?   … I’m sure everyone has one or more.


I’ll never forget the first time I took a Yakult pro-biotic drink here in London. I would sip each little bottle slowly. Why? I was given one of these every other day when I was a toddler in Asia. They were our ‘sweet treat’.  So when they finally arrived here twenty-five years later, I would drink it to relive some fond memories of childhood.


Another home favourite – steamed chicken with wood ears, Shitake mushrooms and Chinese dried daylily stems. With so much flavour, cooked with a good splash of Shaoxing rice wine, it was enough to draw most people around a table for dinner. When preparing the dried ingredients I would stare at their shapes and admire their fragrances, and thought, fungi, mushrooms, flower stems, and some chicken, this dish has a real “woodland story feel”, then my mind would wonder on; as I loved dreaming up food dishes as a kid.  We know this dish now to be Drunken Chicken; my name for it is still Woodland Story. Eating any component of this dish brings me back to our dinner table at home.


I asked members of our team what their most ‘nostalgic’ foods were and the first answer came from Nicholas, our Sales and Marketing assistant.

Definitely ‘Blueberry and Banana Pancakes’, he recalls…

“As a child, at least once a week my Canadian mother would cook blueberry pancakes for breakfast. The delicious smell of cinnamon would fill the house, and we would always know when breakfast was ready. The reason this was always special was because we would use Canadian Maple syrup that our family produced in Canada, we know it as ‘the real stuff’. Every now and again, when all of the family is home, that wonderful smell drifts through the house and we know that we are all in store for a real treat”

It’s amazing how Nicholas’s connection to Canada was instantly made. Not by a plane. But by a sniff of fragrant brown powder in the right setting which invoked such a wonderful memory. That is so powerful.




Tunnocks-Tea-CakesAnother great one was from our Creative Director, Gemma, who was always treated to a “Tunnocks Tea cake” by her Scottish granny, and also by her best friend with regular “Tunnocks and Tea” moments.  What is not to like about a Tunnock Teacake? I secretly think the name ‘teacake’ sounds quite well behaved and harmless, until suddenly I’ve eaten three of them and they are not so proper after all!


Brigitta, our Events and Operations co-ordinator, shared of how in the United States, she would love the Jolly Rancher Candy, because teachers handed these out as a reward for the best answers in class. Rewards are often linked to nostalgic moments, celebrations too.


Straight after our wedding day celebration, my husband said ‘I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that day!’ The people present, the food, the atmosphere, ‘I could do that all over again! Shall we get married again- just for the party?’


We at Inn or Out Events are experts in creating wonderful, memorable, experiences for whatever the affair or occasion. Why not share your memories with us and allow us to help you create some unforgettable nostalgic moments that you could relive again and again, all in a heartbeat?


Until next time…

Yuki Solle – Sales and Lead Development