Events… Ludicrously Luxurious and Stupendously Special

(3)Some may say that an event is all about the food, the drinks or the attendees, but I want to look at events from a slightly different perspective…


Yes, delicious food and fabulous drinks are crucial to a successful event; but to make the occasion truly spectacular I feel that structure, design and service underpin everything.

An event will never be successful without a good plan, but this isn’t just something written on the back of a napkin, events can take months of planning and it is important to think about every single detail, including the exact layout and any potential hazards. Things such as the quantity of candles to effectively illuminate a table or even the smallest crease on a tablecloth are just a couple of the finest details that could leave a lasting impression on the guest.


One may say that an event can be summarised by the first impression; do you walk into a room and immediately think ‘WOW’.

How does one create this? Is it the abundance of flowers? The tone of the lighting? The sparkle of polished glasses?  …It all counts. Although ‘keeping it simple’ is good, I am a strong believer that extravagance makes for something exceptional. Have you thought about how the scent of your flowers balances out with the scent of the food? Does every canapé go down well with the Champagne you are providing? You could spend months, going over every single little detail; however in the end, it really does pay off.



The five senses play a big role in events: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell are all active ingredients in the creation of something truly spectacular.

-Is the room visually pleasing, the light not too overpowering, yet you are still able to read the table plan?

-What do you hear when you enter the room, booming music? Or softer, more subtle tones, underlying the noise of guests chatting and enjoying themselves?

-When you bite into a canapé, has every single flavour been considered?

-Whilst you place your napkin down on the table, do you get a feel of quality linen?

-Has the room been fragranced prior the guest arrival; do you get the luxurious scent of Lime Basil & Mandarin? (Jo Malone is always one to look out for)


However, above all, the most important part of any event is the service; the smile that greets you when you enter the room, the row of waiters holding trays of perfectly chilled champagne or dazzling cocktails, even the soft option of sparkling elderflower, garnished with a mint sprig. Poseur tables that are always clear of empty glasses, your bottomless glass that is continually topped up; are just a couple of the details that the guest will acknowledge, appreciate and as a result, feel ‘cared for’, ‘considered’ and most importantly ‘special’. The service doesn’t stop there, it continues on throughout the dinner service, dancing and right through to the final smile and sincere goodnight.


Picture 808_edited-1


In my opinion, this is what an event is all about; the sparkle, the style and the service.

Ludicrously luxurious and stupendously special.


Until next time…


Nicholas Aldridge – Sales and Marketing