Event food trends not to miss

So what are the latest trends in the foodie world and how are they being used in event catering? Don’t forget it isn’t as easy as picking up a concept from a restaurant or retail outlet and putting it straight into an event for 200 people.

The soft drinks explosion including coconut water and other healthy drink options has fuelled a desire to have interesting and creative drinks, being both during daytime events and also when not choosing to drink at an evening event. “Adult” soft drinks from the likes of Fentimans, have raised our expectations and given us a taste for something a little different. This is easy to replicate for events, with creative mocktails and interesting combinations, gone are the days of the dull choice between orange juice and water.

(361)Bowl food is in, but not as we know it. This is all about plates disappearing and being replaced by more informal bowls of food. They are everywhere – ‘power bowls’ made up of a healthy combination of vegetables, protein and grains, warm options like hot ramen bowls and super healthy acai smoothie bowls. It is literally anything but from a bowl. These would make great stations for a daytime or evening event offering a range of hot, cold, savoury and sweet menus all put together in front of the clients.

Healthy lunch ideas – many of the shops where we might go and get ourselves lunch have a variety of low or non carb options; but for some reason the events market has struggled to keep up with this and has moved away from the traditional lunchtime sandwich. However, there are some great options that are starting to be seen more regularly like superfood boxed salads and bento boxes filled with a selection of protein and energising vegetables and fruit. This will help to have a more engaged afternoon session with attendees

Healthy lunch imageTraditional Mexican food is making an impact with chefs around the world and while some are sticking to authentic recipes, others are taking a splash of inspiration and adding a little twist to their
current dishes. For corporate and private events, a Mexican influence would work brilliantly for canapés, bowl or finger food, just bringing a dash of flavour and colour with perhaps a tweak to the service and design.

Sweetening alternatives – we all know sugar has been branded the most evil ingredient out there. However, we can’t all be angels and give up everything sweet. So the search has been on for some alternatives and the most popular are tree syrups and honey. This has certainly been embraced for tea and coffee breaks where you are very likely to see honey as a sweetener. Some venues have even taken it a step further and have bee hives on the top of their buildings, offering clients their very own honey.

Until next time …

Nicky Pratt
Head of Business Development