Adapting to London and my first job as a graduate

IMG_1784 (1)I was very lucky to be interviewed by Inn or Out Events as soon as I was looking for a job and then only a few weeks later I started. Going to your first real life job interview is a very nervous thing and nothing can prepare you for it. I’d done interviews before for other jobs but not one that your whole future could depend on. Once I accepted the position it was on to the next scary steps – find a flatmate and a flat that’s affordable in an area not too pricey and not too far from work. Luckily for me everything seemed to fall into place….a Uni friend decided she wanted to rent and within 12 hours we’d decided we’d live together, signed up to flat viewings and signed for the most amazing flat in East Dulwich right next to the train station and with a pub at the top of the road….excellent!


I moved in just after Christmas and started the new job in the New Year of 2016….what a great start!! I soon found my feet within the Event and Sales Co-ordinator role and began taking on more responsibilities. I’ve been to amazing food tastings with our creative chefs and seen the most beautiful venues across the whole of London. When adapting to London as a graduate I’d say dive in head first and enjoy it because even though it was scary in the beginning, everything has turned out great.


I’ve now been with Inn or Out Events for three months and it’s certainly been a whirlwind but very exciting and I’ve learnt a lot. A couple of weeks ago I went to an event alone and managed it myself. I had managed events before within my degree but nothing that meant as much as this. I have to admit it was only a small reception for 40 people but I was so nervous. The event went swimmingly and everyone was very pleased. It’s a very nice feeling being able to smile and shake the hand of the client at the end of the event knowing that you did your best and everything went well. This week I also managed my first large event of 170 for afternoon tea at a very gorgeous and historic venue in central London. Again I was nervous and there’s always so many things to think about that you’re sure you’ll forget something but the list seems to get created in my head more and more naturally now. I can tell that with experience comes confidence and I can already see an improvement in myself from when I left university, so I can’t wait for the upcoming Summer events.


Until next time….


Lucy Pennington

Event & Sales Co-ordinator