A new year – A new me – Feeling good from the inside out.

Image Today 22-43-46Many food trends have been reported for 2016, these include eating at ‘eco’ friendly places, eating more pulses, using technology to improve our dining experience and so the list continues.

One trend which caught my attention is one of my favourite subjects – The ‘feel good’ factor from the ‘inside out’. The nutritional value of good food versus good looks and its ingredients, is being looked at more closely than ever before.  Diners feel a closer connection to foods which affects how they feel or look.

Well sourced food produce, fresh, seasonal and sustainable are all buzz words which describe food and all for a very good reason. Once consumed, it feels so good and the comments made about one looking good are great.

I’ve certainly taken this on board, my journey started when one of my foodie friends, who is also studying nutrition, told me about a wonderful lady called Barbara O’Neill, Health Director of Misty Mountain Retreat in Australia.  I can honestly say I am addicted to watching this lady’s material as she talks about the science behind the food we eat, and how our bodies work, and more importantly, the why?

I learnt the importance of salt – using the best salt, namely Celtic or Himalayan, with all its eighty two minerals, versus the table white stuff which only has two minerals, this was such an eye opener. I’ve learnt that when I’m craving biscuits at eleven o’clock in the morning, to have a few grains of this mineral rich salt and drink a glass of water, I instantly feel full of energy.  Funnily enough, I tried this at eleven in the evening, as I was simply too curious – the result was astounding, I managed to achieve a number of chores and felt great at two o’clock in the morning!  All I can say is, the proof is in the salt. These salts contain natural live elements from the earth and are ready to fight one’s battles internally. For instance, Magnesium is a water loving mineral which draws water right into the core of our cells, causing deep hydration at cell level. Just knowing that, was enough to make me move my table salt to the cleaning cupboard, again, it’s all in the why?

So my souvenir from my recent Christmas break in Biarritz was a jar of the finest herbed Basque Espelette flower salt, which I later discovered is another name for Celtic salt, now that is fate – I never knew.  I’ve found taking small steps from the little I know has set me on a good course in the nutrition world.  Trying out these age old nutritional health tips has been life transforming, the results have been evident, more energy, an amazing boosted feeling, losing weight and I’m certainly loving being the new me.IMG_1450 (1)

So here’s to health and happiness to you in 2016.

From the inside out. Naturally.

Until next time….

Yuki Solle

Business Development Manager