A love of food journey with Nicky Pratt, Head of Business Development

For this weeks blog, I am proud to be interviewing Nicky Pratt, Head of Business Development.

Nicky has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from previous senior event roles. Whilst highly passionate about great customer service and business, I was eager to find out how her ‘foodie’ side of events began.

What is your earliest memory of food / kitchen?

Definitely ‘helping’ my mum with baking our all-time favourite family chocolate pudding, knowing that if I hung around long enough and could get there before my brothers, I would get to eat whatever of the mixture was left!

What ingredients / items are always in your fridge and you couldn’t live without?

Mayonnaise is definitely my priority, I am a complete mayo fan. I am pretty sure it goes with everything. Pesto, because you can always make something really tasty, quickly with it and lastly, a bottle of tonic (well, you can’t have a warm gin & tonic can you?)

What is your favourite food of all time?

Potatoes in any shape or form but if I was pushed, then the ultimate is mashed potato, the perfect comfort food.

What do you think is becoming a trend, one to watch in the food world?

I think Mexican food is something that is increasing in popularity and is inspiring chefs around the world. The UK have never been particularly good at delivering great Mexican food but there are new places opening up that are producing fantastic Mexican cuisine.

One food you detest and why?

There really isn’t anything I detest, although I have never been a massive fan of fruit and meat together, the sweet and sour flavour combination has never really done it for me.

Who is your all time food inspiration? (could be family or anybody?)

I really like Lorraine Pascale’s recipes, she does some really lovely homey dishes which are exactly the kind of things I like to cook and enjoy at home.

Until next time…

Yuki Solle
Business Development