A food journey with chef Torren Lewis

FullSizeRender3In any event, the food is an important factor (as much as the guests) to keep any occasion well remembered. How dishes are presented, the colours, tastes, play on flavours and fragrance all speaks volumes and can keep folk talking about it for a long time to come.


Following a recent event, I was talking to our young sous chef Torren Lewis and discovered that fine dining ran in his blood, his granddad was head chef at the Waldorf hotel just after the war. By looking at what Torren cooked earlier, proved he certainly knows how to produce some show-stopping food. Prior to Inn or Out Events, Torren had worked for some big names such as Gary Rhodes, Pru Leith and Tom Aitken all within eight years. Seeing great expertise in the kitchen has caused him to build some great skills, whilst understanding creativity and balance. With his ultra calm attitude and easy-going manner, I was curious to know more so asked a few questions on his food journey and how it all began for him.

What is your earliest food memory?

At the age of five, I helped my mum make jelly and hand churned ice cream for our Royal street party. The occasion was to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It was such a fun occasion; the long decorated table with Royal flags and atmosphere was incredible.

FullSizeRender2What ingredients / items are always in your fridge and you couldn’t live without?

Fresh Herbs, they are so versatile, to use in savoury or sweet dishes, breads and even drinks. For example, some herb drink ideas would be Watermelon & Rosemary Ice Tea or Hot Thyme, Honey and Lemon that also has medicinal qualities.

What is your favourite food of all time?

My favourite food of all time is dim sum. I love the concept of a fresh, simple core dish in a bite. Dim sum, the word “dim” in Chinese means to choose or “select” and “sum” means the heart. So essentially dim sum is the choice heart of every dish.  These dishes are a combination of steamed or deep fried bite sized parcels or dumplings that make them perfect as a canapé food. A dim sum feast is great way of eating, with a variety of different ingredients and flavours; there usually is something for everybody.

What do you think is becoming a hot topic in the food world?

Sous vide cooking. I love the way that Charlie Carroll, founder of Flat Iron restaurant in Soho, has served a quality product of beef with sous vide and charged it with an affordable price tag. The art of having butchery on the premises and understanding even the fine details of how the tendons work with the meat is sheer genius. Affordable top-notch food.

What is your best Chef memory?

Definitely working with Marco Pierre white for a one week Master class- I loved it. Working with him was a dream come true.

Who is your all time food inspiration?

My all time food inspiration is Marco Pierre white. He’s my all time legend, he’s achieved so much from a very young age and I’m chuffed to have met him.


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Yuki Solle – Sales Executive