9th February 2017

The Perfect Finale To Your Valentine’s Day Meal

We all eat at home in some way or another, be it an evening meal with the family, an elaborate dinner party, or a decadent Valentine’s Day feast for two. I approach special occasions very differently in all three of my restaurants, with menus that reflect the quality and style that our customers have come to expect. When guests ask me if I cook to the same standards at home, my answer is always a simple ‘yes’, as while the dishes may be less elaborate, the ingredients and attention to detail remain the same.  I am a firm believer that ...

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27th January 2017

How social media affects our everyday

I recently found myself in a new local restaurant and wondered how on earth I got there?

“Why are we here?” my family asked me as I sat down at the shiny wooden benches in almost a canteen like restaurant. I asked myself the same question, why this place and not the millions of others out there who could have served as good a Sunday lunch.

The truth is, I arrived at this place because of social media… This was ‘Tofu’ in Crystal Palace.

Seeing and tasting is really believing and we were not disappointed. Roasted pork, duck noodles, stuffed aubergines with prawn ...

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6th January 2017

We are indeed very fortunate to live where we do

I know I am really fortunate in life to be able to travel extensively, but I’m equally blessed that I have a number of friends around the world who are very happy to accept me inviting myself to visit. Such is the case with my longstanding friend and work colleague Val. Val has worked tirelessly for us for a number of years and even though she has tried to retire four times, she can’t!

This is because she is an essential and fundamental part of our success. We know exactly why that is, she embodies the real FOODIES values we hold ...

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1st December 2016

My top 5 Christmas visit list

London is getting more exhilarating by the minute! I don’t know about you, but I’m really starting to feel excited about Christmas. This annual holiday where one has plenty to discover and explore, is also the perfect time to catch up with friends, unwind and share great food.  It really is a foodie’s ideal holiday.

One thing I’ve been inspired to do this year is to check out the fantastic Christmas Markets that are happening in this amazing city. There is something for everyone at Christmas Markets. Be it shopping, dining, a show or Father Christmas Grotto. All ages are catered ...

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11th November 2016

Top Ten Tips For Getting The Perfect Menu

Talk to the chef - Although you may be presented with an event pack of menus, this isn’t all there is. Chef's love to talk to you about what you particularly want for your event and design the dishes to suit your theme or style.
Listen to the experts – The caterers are there to help ensure you have a fantastic event and they can help with suggestions, for your type of event and for your selected venue, what dishes or style of service might work best.
Try not to go over the top – We all see such ...

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21st October 2016

Foods that boost: Foods to survive the festive season

Autumn is definitely here and as we head towards the busy Christmas season, the challenges of maintaining healthy eating, juggling busy agendas, entertaining, can really take its toll on us even before we even contemplate tackling a Christmas planning list.

Being healthy improves efficiency. I’ve loved the topic of efficiency and productivity ever since childhood, being slightly competitive in nature (I love winning, who doesn’t, right?) I used to dare myself to accomplish tasks within a set time and loved the feeling of success. Being part of a big family caused me to keep myself entertained and with the addition of ...

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6th October 2016

What Are Going To Be The Upcoming Event Trends?

Entrepreneurship – people are setting up on their own from event support services, audio visual, event planning, chefs, staffing agents and venue finders. The industry continues to adapt, embracing fantastic movements forward in technology, which are allowing enhancements for the event bookers experience. Helping to streamline the process for the suppliers makes them more effective.

Foodie knowledge – The UK’s foodie culture continues to grow at a pace and people desire experience and to understand about the food they enjoy, from where it comes from, how it is made and the new ways and places it can be enjoyed. They also ...

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22nd September 2016

It’s all in the dough

Bread is one of the oldest food types that dates back over 30, 000 years.  It is a versatile food which crosses all cultures, social classes and even has some religious aspects.  The term ‘breaking bread’ is a symbolic term that speaks about uniting people. Its nutritional value are proteins, vitamins (such as thiamine and riboflavin) and fibre, mainly when allowed to be prepared with natural yeasts and proving methods, I’m not talking so much of the mass market produce that uses flour improvers!

My first fascination with bread began at a bread making workshop at a bartlett mitchell site where ...

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15th September 2016

Not every ingredient in a perfect recipe is edible!

You may be fooled into thinking that every ingredient in a ‘perfect’ recipe is edible!


There is one fundamental component that can make or break a food experience, and that is the service.

As the industry grows by the second, with new and bold food innovations landing and being superseded by the next, what will truly differentiate one from the other? The answer is keeping that unwavering passion and attention to detail with what goes on the plate, but placing an equal amount of emphasis on everything around it too!

I am so very proud to work within our company, from top to ...

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1st September 2016

Inn or Out Events invades Canada!

It is a very exciting time for Inn or Out Events as our Development Chef, Mark Andrews, has been selected to compete in the Garland Canada International Chef Challenge being hosted in Canada! The competition takes place as part of the 19th annual Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival held in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. http://peishellfish.com/the-garland-canada-international-chef-challenge/

Mark was part of a team which delivered the prestigious Atlantic Canada event held at Canada House on Trafalgar Square in April this year. He and his team impressed the Canadian chefs present to such an extent that he has been included in this competition ...

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