What Are Going To Be The Upcoming Event Trends?

Entrepreneurship – people are setting up on their own from event support services, audio visual, event planning, chefs, staffing agents and venue finders. The industry continues to adapt, embracing fantastic movements forward in technology, which are allowing enhancements for the event bookers experience. Helping to streamline the process for the suppliers makes them more effective.

Foodie knowledge – The UK’s foodie culture continues to grow at a pace and people desire experience and to understand about the food they enjoy, from where it comes from, how it is made and the new ways and places it can be enjoyed. They also want to know tips and tricks on how to make it for themselves at home. Event organisers and those looking to engage clients and colleagues will no doubt be looking for new and innovative ways to tap into this national passion.

The Pop Up –  continues to be very popular, not just in restaurant terms but shops, galleries, bars and so many more. There continues to be a passion for new experiences whether they are a different outlet or version of something already established, or a brand new concept / brand. The real draw is that this is something only available for a limited amount of time and often something not to be repeated again. It will be interesting to see in the coming year what else the pop up formula can be applied to.

Sustainability – Although something that has been continually highlighted in past years, this does continue to be a priority particularly as new ideas and technologies allow us to be even more accountable, allow us to track success and monitor very closely what we do. Issues that are raised on the high street are also impacting and refocusing our minds, as an example “recycling” coffee cups has been an issue that the event catering companies have quickly moved on to ensure they are ahead of the game.

As technology advances we have the ability to arrange almost everything for events without any direct interaction with a person, and this appears to be the norm. However, there are companies that are striving to offer the human touch when dealing with clients, welcoming conversation and face to face interaction. Differentiating themselves from others, might be a tool to driving their success.


Nicky Pratt(31)

Head of Business Development