Top Ten Tips For Getting The Perfect Menu

  • picture3Talk to the chef – Although you may be presented with an event pack of menus, this isn’t all there is. Chef’s love to talk to you about what you particularly want for your event and design the dishes to suit your theme or style.
  • Listen to the experts – The caterers are there to help ensure you have a fantastic event and they can help with suggestions, for your type of event and for your selected venue, what dishes or style of service might work best.
  • Try not to go over the top – We all see such stunning menus and dishes daily on twitter from those inspirational chefs and the countless food television programmes. But what might be ideal and achievable in a restaurant kitchen, is not always for event catering. Perhaps stick with simple but perfect!
  • Simple design tweaks – These hugely lift a dish, whether it is a tweak on the food design, the service equipment or delivery. These don’t need to be expensive, but small changes can make a massive impact.
  • Match the menu to the mood – What type of atmosphere are you trying to conjure up at your event? Food, design and service can go a long way to help encourage that feel you are looking to develop.
  • Theme it up – If you have a theme to your event, adapting the menu to complement this just adds weight to what you are trying to achieve. This can be as simple as renaming the dish to fit in with your chosen theme.
  • Pick some crowd pleasers – Although creative and exciting menu options will really get your guests talking and will certainly mean they remember the night. Often guests do like to see a few firm favourites in the mix as well, particularly if you are going for a more informal standing event.
  • Cover all bases – Think about the range of guests you have coming and ensure there are enough options of dishes prepared for any special dietary requirements. Caterers are more than used to providing alternatives and can ensure these are just as delicious and stylish for all.
  • Go seasonal – I know this is always talked about, but you will get the absolute best quality and also the best value if you stick to what is currently in season.
  • Always think about the drinks – There is a lot of emphasis on food, but to accompany and truly complement the food, attention should also be given to what your guests drink. This will again enhance the food and overall guest experience.


Nicky Pratt238

Head of Business Development