The Perfect Finale To Your Valentine’s Day Meal

We all eat at home in some way or another, be it an evening meal with the family, an elaborate dinner party, or a decadent Valentine’s Day feast for two. I approach special occasions very differently in all three of my restaurants, with menus that reflect the quality and style that our customers have come to expect. When guests ask me if I cook to the same standards at home, my answer is always a simple ‘yes’, as while the dishes may be less elaborate, the ingredients and attention to detail remain the same.  I am a firm believer that a solid foundation in basic cookery techniques, great quality produce, and a genuine love of the craft are all that is required to elevate even the simplest of home-cooked meals into dishes worthy of a special occasion.

I approach this philosophy very much as a chef, albeit one who loves to cook at home. There are a few recipes that I prepare at home that are true restaurant dishes, and while some of these require more stages to complete than you may want to do at home, this recipe for Chocolate Hot Pot is as brilliant as it is straightforward. Of the many less complex desserts that we’ve had on the menu at Trinity, it was this simple recipe that we found ourselves working on tirelessly, finally eliminating the flour completely to produce a gluten free pudding that delivers a warm, decadent chocolate soup and the ultimate chocolate hit. There is a world of difference between homemade confectionery and the ready-made variety, so when looking to round off a decadent show stopping Valentine’s Day feast, this is a recipe that just ticks every box.Trinity_ChocolateSoup_035!! (2)

AB Recipe – Chocolate hot pot

Adam Byatt

Chef Consultant