Not every ingredient in a perfect recipe is edible!

170You may be fooled into thinking that every ingredient in a ‘perfect’ recipe is edible!


There is one fundamental component that can make or break a food experience, and that is the service.

As the industry grows by the second, with new and bold food innovations landing and being superseded by the next, what will truly differentiate one from the other? The answer is keeping that unwavering passion and attention to detail with what goes on the plate, but placing an equal amount of emphasis on everything around it too!

I am so very proud to work within our company, from top to bottom you will never see anyone that does not exude passion in everything they do. However, to use one of my favourite analagies.. We are surrounded by Superheroes performing feats that many can only stand back and marvel at, but we also have the alter-egoes too! Ones that mean we are not infaliable, we make mistakes and sometimes get it wrong.

Recently I have been fortunate to finally dine at a restaurant I’ve been looking forward to for some time, an authentic Argentinian where the food and wine are really something to behold. I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint, but what was the icing on the cake was the service that matched the quality of food. The attentive, knowledgable staff with a non-intrusive presence, looked after our every need.

We have also recently dined at another local restaurant where the food was poor.  This was for a number of reasons however, the service was exceptional and when I wanted to give my feedback the recipient was humble and sincere. Sometimes I don’t simply want ‘money-off’ or an empty apology, as a caterer I know when I am being fobbed off! Taking the time to listen and talk can go a long way to reinstill my faith.

I have long lasting memories of both experiences, but for differing reasons and I always say fantastic service can save an average food experience!

I grew up in the retail catering business where preparation of ‘the product’ was minimal, but delivery was everything. Your every routine was geared around how you could work through your teams, to provide the best possible engagement for each and every customer, not only this but the challenge then became how to surpass expectation on a daily basis. Not easy!

This could well be the difference between good and great, and really stand caterers apart from the competition and as a relatively inexpensive differentiator, why isn’t everyone on it?Chef preparing canapés


Until next time…

Sean Ritson

Business Director