How social media affects our everyday

FullSizeRender (42)I recently found myself in a new local restaurant and wondered how on earth I got there?

“Why are we here?” my family asked me as I sat down at the shiny wooden benches in almost a canteen like restaurant. I asked myself the same question, why this place and not the millions of others out there who could have served as good a Sunday lunch.

The truth is, I arrived at this place because of social media… This was ‘Tofu’ in Crystal Palace.

Seeing and tasting is really believing and we were not disappointed. Roasted pork, duck noodles, stuffed aubergines with prawn paste topped with chilli and salt pepper squid.  We really had a feast!

I fancied Chinese, (being so near to Chinese New Year) and the first place I went to was Facebook. A lot of my friends had commented earlier in the week and that was it, I even booked on Facebook! It was too easy!

The pictures looked great; the comments were “great service, great food!” “We’ve been there three times already this week…!” “Great Value!” the list rolled on.

On the whole, the Crystal Palace crowd are a discerning foodie bunch (the food market is worth going to!) and restaurant reviews are posted on all local forums on a daily basis.  I’m sure it is like that with many other places and it’s wonderful to see how food is bringing social to the table. People are becoming bolder in trying out new cuisines, trends. As a result, reviews by knowledgeable diners are as important as a business’s marketing team. Through these platforms, communication is made at lightning speed and society is learning from each other. Whether globally, organisationally or generationally, the social aspect of media runs deeper in us than we think. One of many pluses is that it draws people together.

The power of social media has undoubtedly changed our lives in every decision we make. Be it how we shop, dress, eat, pay or socialize. With this way of living and technology so readily available, we are spoilt for choice and in one sense making decisions has never been easier.

The next time you book a service or dine out, I challenge you to ask yourself, how did you get there? Inspiration is everywhere. Very likely it was whispered by a word on twitter or a wink from snapchat, an Instagram instant or your mum messaging you to come home for Sunday Roast on WhatsApp!IMG_2791


Until next time…..


Yuki Solle

Business development